There is everything in Biletino to manage an event successfully.

Boost your Events With Online Ticket Shop

Event managers can easily become a member of biletino services and create their event pages.

Efficiency of Digital Ticket

Biletino has the highest standarts for ticket delivery. Attendees shall recieve their tickets instantly via SMS, E-Mail and Apple Wallet options.

Ticket Sales Features

Various Payment Options


Biletino tools has ready to use global virtual pos systems. Biletino is working the biggest banks, payment solutions and authorities like PayU and BKM Express in Turkey.

User Friendly Seat Selection


Biletino has the option for seat management. People may buy their ticket by selecting their seats in Biletino's responsive and fancy seat plans.

Registration Features

Online Registrationwith custom forms


Biletino give chance to event managers to own special registration forms for online registration. Any custom needs are more than welcome to our team to make them real.

Revolutionary Digital Badge


Biletino lets attendees in various events got their digital badges 1 million times.


This makes everything easy, efficient and secure. Let's make it real this technology for your next event.

On-Site Registration with no bad surprises


Biletino has a connected software which works with online registration system. If you don't want to see any queues in your ragistration desk Biletino is the best partner to manage it for you. You can collect new registrations easily and print out their badges in seconds only.

Professional Access Control Management


Access control management is the strongest part of Biletino system. Our connected system allows us to control every types of categories in any entrance point. The whole data will be collected by our applications and system process these datas to let you see the real time reports. 

Barcode Scanning


Biletino apps are very consistent and solid to scan barcodes. The apps has very assertive response time for check-in events. The apps are very user friendly for every one shall use it easily.

Classy Name Badge Printing


Biletino event management team is continuously seeking the best options of name badges and badge technologies for event managers. Biletino is producing only recycled name badges. This is our  debt for nature.

Classy Lanyard Printing


As our 360 degree service provider vision Biletinoo covers event managers needs for lanyards. We are only using healthy, classy and comfortable lanyards

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